The best way to be handy is to keep building someting. As it, I made a few applications to help exploring different ways of doing things.

Rule Template

This tool is built using React. A lot of things used in this App. UI is built using PrimeReact, and hosted in AWS S3 through AWS CouldFront. User login is handled by AWS Cognito. Backend is docker container running in the Cloud and implemented using NodeJs, PHP, Spring Boot and etc..., depends on the needs.

Algorithm Visualization

Have a hard time to recall all those algorithms learned years ago. Built App to help. The focus here is Angular. More specifically, the focus is Typescript Decorator. Aside from normal Angular perks, using decorator to achieve something more closer to meta programming.

ICD Explorer

Pure HTML and Javasript from old and new. No exteral library. Performance is the goal. XML transformed entire ICD-CM book and loaded it to the frontend, that is alot. Compressed download, service worker, web components and etc... Basically, anything that browser can offered is utilized to create dynamic responsive UI at frontend only. No backend used here. Keep in mind, there are about a million entries or so, and running fast.